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over the last two years especially for my family and this year for me as well. As you all know in 2015 I had a cardiac arrest and only recently found out that I coded (no pulse, no breathing, basically dead) for over twenty minutes. So many people were praying for me God HAD to send me back.
Then this year, after that emotional trauma, in October, my closest sister was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Neither of us has had a cigarette since 1993.I was told in doctors’ offices over the years that “when you stop smoking for over 10 years, it’s like you never smoked.”
I don’t know where they got that information. In any case, she’s been doing chemo so I haven’t been pretty much anywhere online except Twitter, which doesn’t require me to be funny in 140 characters. But it is silently implied…
Through all this, I’ve tried to keep writing and it’s rocky at times. For those who follow this blog, I thank you so much. I love you all, though I don’t always tell you–that’s me silently implying, kind of like Twitter.
Anyway, depending on how things go here (my house, not Knoxville)maybe I can knock out the rest of this second book of Brede Chronicles. In any case, thank you for being faithful to me and this blog. I love yo  -47


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