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In my Gypsy heritage, we have superstitions. One of them is that whatever you spend doing on the first day of a new year, you’ll be doing it every day for the rest of that year! I have to admit it seemed like that was going to happen since I cleaned the house feverishly on New Year’s Day 2014 and did it all the way through February! However I did spend 2013 writing a new novel that obsessed me and finally last month submitted it to a new publishing house. I signed the contract for The Brede Chronicles on my birthday and haven’t stopped working on the book & its production since. 

So in all the rush and busyness I completely forgot to tell everyone about it!

So I will post again when I have cover art and maybe a review or two. In the meantime I can tell you The Brede Chronicles is a sort of darkish, sci-fi adventure/romancy type book! The story is set in 2107 New Cairo Egypt Earth and various other planets and it follows the relationship between half-human Alekzander Brede and Elektra Tate the street orphan who loves him. It takes a few dark turns.

Many thanks for those of you who follow this blog and have over the past few years! When I have things in hand, perhaps there will be a giveaway…and a book launch! Belated Happy New Year 2014! Things are off to a great start for me and I hope a wonderful start for you too!


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