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I promised a little more fun on Future Imperfect so here’s a tiny bit of visual inspiration that kick started my novels or kicked them up a notch (sorry Emeril):

For Isadora DayStar: I found this cloisters at Salisbury Cathedral when I visited Britain last month and it’s almost identical to the violent monks scenes I wrote:

This and upcoming shots of the cathedral are my favorites of the trip!

One of my favorite shots!

Next up on Isadora DayStar is the inspiration for the chase scenes and the lake:

Another angle of Mono Lake

Mono Lake was the inspiration for the chase scenes in Isadora!

Isadora DayStar herself is under wraps at this moment but when the time is right, she’ll get her own billboard!!

Hope you enjoyed this snippets of my fantasy “casting”  of a few of my novels!!



  1. I can see why you were inspired.

    Tossing It Out


  2. Mono Lake is such an eerie place, isn’t it? I felt like I was on a different planet! I enjoyed these lovely photos.


    • I know Sandra! It’s like the desert too, at least on the way to Vegas–it’s like a moonscape almost!


  3. Can I borrow Jared Lito for the part of my character Enneas? He’s be perfect!


    • This is but one of Jared’s many ‘looks’, LOL! I’ve cast him in lots of characters but this one in Future Imperfect was my favorite–love this pic of him.


  4. Lovely photos and what a great idea to share the locations that helped inspire your work! I love it how we can find seemingly surreal landscapes right here on Earth…


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