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Just when I was about to write up a scathing post about men never reviewing my work, an unexpected (and completely unsolicited!) review of Isadora DayStar came out in the Tampa Examiner! Not only did the reviewer like the book, he actually gave me the great and wonderful compliment of comparing me and Gene Roddenberry! Of course he was not happy about the “Hallmark ending” with which he nailed me correctly for making it an HEA (“happily ever after”) but then he was not alone in that, lol! A female reviewer said almost the same thing! Now normally I might be upset but they liked Isadora DayStar to be honest enough to point it out! That means something to me.

Of course, I always knew men would like my work. It was just GETTING them to read it in the first place! Which is understandable since most women weave in a lot of romance and a lot of flowery prose. I am not one of those women. I try to make my work as honest as I possibly can and I don’t shy away from swearing and or adult situations–that does NOT mean erotica–there isn’t any of that. Consequently, I have striven not to be a whiny female complaining about not being treated equally. I see myself as an equal and behave accordingly and that means, for me in any case, not whining every chance I get. But I’ve had to fight all the female author stereotypes in my struggle to bring my work before men without threatening their sense of competence or making them toss the book thinking “Ugh, Romance.” That is evidenced by the disdain for the sappy HEA ending although, as I’ve said, a female reviewer had the same response. Personally, I don’t like happy endings either, unless my novel actually IS a romance (yes that happens). So now, I’ve finally gotten what I truly wanted: a compass with which to gauge my work. If men like it and women like it, then I’m guessing I’m hitting the right notes.

I am truly grateful for my first review by a man and even more grateful that he enjoyed it.
Below is the link to the review. It is not long and I hope you will take three seconds to check it out.



  1. Congratulations on your great review! Hoping you get a lot more men to read and write about your book.


  2. Well done! I’m with you, I never expected men to read or even enjoy my paranormal romance novel. So far my biggest surprise was that my Granddad read the book within a few weeks of receiving it, and he hasn’t read a book in 50 years of marriage! At first I thought he was just showing support, but he kept telling me how much he enjoyed it, and then he told friends and family. I am still glowing. I have also received some decent Amazon reviews from male readers, and I value these because my books are written from the pov of the heroine. We appreciate these little victories over our counterparts!


    • Thanks and I’m so glad your grandfather liked your book! It means more to me to get a positive response from men and I love to see their reactions to it!


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