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Ah yes, I remember those days. We were young and first splashing around the entertainment industry as novice children, dipping our toes into the sun drenched pool of Hollywood. Back then we didn’t know about the brackish, scum laden waters, we just celebrated every moment of our Los Angeles virginity. 

We met a lot of people back then, some deeply entrenched in various facets of entertainment, others on the fringe, either forging out careers or stubbornly clinging on to the shreds of their tattered ones. They were all slightly crazy just like us. 

Those on the outside threw parties with just as much gusto if not as much money as those on the inside. In fact they did it with much more class and civility but with the same sense of festivity. Sometimes I think they were better than the drunken, cynical, pathetically political big time parties we would later attend with the same amount of cynicism. 

Once we were driving into our big time jobs at big time companies when my sister turned to me and asked, “Do you remember when we would come into town and everything was brighter–like the sun was shining more?” 

I said yes. She’d hit it on the head exactly. While the California sun still beat down mercilessly at times, the brightness was gone along with our enthusiasm and joy of being part of exciting things.

Hollywood can do that to a person. There’s more than one way the city can chew you up and spit you out like a mouthful of dirty pool water. And you don’t even have to be a crazy ancient once ingenue actress that never had a line but still haunted the Strip, in full on garish make-up and 1930’s dresses.

I remember those fun, exciting, promising parties thrown by fun, kind people who wanted nothing more extreme than ringing in the New Year with champagne and good will. In fact I remember that those New Year’s Parties usually heralded in some of the best years of our Hollywood lives.

Auld Lang Syne.


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