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Since everyone on my social media apparently watches every single paranormal/dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy/whatthehellhaveyou program on TV, I thought I’d ask this question:
How much and in what way does television affect your writing?



  1. Hi, I write different genres and fan-fiction, or whatever I come up with. I guess TV effects me a bit since I watch a lot of it. I think I write fan fiction because I can interact with people I will never meet, mainly beacuse they are on the otherside of the world. Also, its a fantasy. You can make the celeb you like do and say what you want them to. You can re-write a show ending to your satisfaction.


  2. Fan fiction can be pretty impressive. I’ve found a few stories and authors who were amazing who did not write professionally. There are gorgeous phrases, prose and descriptions that have stuck with me for years they were so impressive. I like to create my own characters from scratch and give them a world to live in…thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I truly appreciate it!


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