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Okay I know I haven’t been here in ages but believe me when I tell you little aspiring authors: writing the book is the EASY part. It’s the promotion that’s the killer! Trust me, I know. It used to be my job. Still doesn’t make it any easier–in fact it may make it harder. You’re putting your work out there for people, hoping they like it and hiding any insecurity you may harbor inside. You’re promoting for goodness’ sake!
In fact the only other creative area that I think makes you feel more vulnerable is being a singer/songwriter. Think about it: you’re expressing your most inward emotions to be judged as well as your performing talent which may be judged even more harshly! In my opinion there isn’t any other creative outlet that makes you so vulnerable!
Well, now that I’ve scared the hell out of you, let me tell you this. This is why I always yell about being brutally honest with yourself–if you are, truly truly honest with yourself–you will put out something of quality that regardless how it’s judged, you will know you put out your best. All righty, that’s my brief little lecture on promotion. Someday soon I will hopefully expound on this subject but not today (tonight).



  1. Are you kidding me? I hit the button to tweet the post…it didn’t go, when I hit it again it went just before I clicked so I ended up clicking on and giving you 1 Star rating!!!! Not any where close to my intentions. This is worth 10 stars!! If you can reverse the 1 star rating that would be great. I’m sooooo sorry about that. ~Janet~


    • Don’t worry about it! I’m just glad you stopped by to read it! And that it was helpful to you! That’s my intent!


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