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The Chicago Tribune today posted a short article asking several authors where their best place to write was–nature was a biggie, nothing new as is waking up early–but for me I had to come up with a creative way of dealing with my absolute horror of flying! So what I did was bring along a tattered note book on the flight and over the Pacific en route to Hawaii, I managed to scribble out two chapters of a new novel in progress and worked out some major plot fixes as well! I’m still terrified of flying (embarrassing for sci-fi author!) but at least I have something productive to do rather than sink my fingernails into the neck of the person next to me for 9 hours!

All of this got me thinking, where are other authors’ favorite places to write, especially sci fi writers? I have a list of places that work for me when I’m writing sci-fi or futuristic that will not see the light of day, but I thought I’d ask you and see how creative your places are! Nature’s been done to death, cozy desks are de rigueur, and a big chair w/a cup of coffee is out. I want to hear some really interesting, wacky, or unique place you plunk down and start typing or scribbling away! No prizes, no nothing, just your creative ideas & comments!



  1. I doubt this will count as wacky, but I’ve found that I’m able to concentrate more when in a busy area. Specifically, in a university classroom, before the professor enters class or during break. I’m not sure what it is about this setting, but my suspicion is because I would much rather be doing something else.


    • It’s probably a combination of that and the “white noise” effect in the background! I know what you mean though!


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