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***Apologies for missing blogging posts for the last week or so! Was in Las Vegas at the LV Writers’ Group speaking on dialogue as well as a speed visit with the LV Romance writers’ group! The people in both of these wonderful groups were welcoming, friendly, curious, and asked fantastic questions! If you’re a writer or aspire to be writer and are in the Las Vegas area, I recommend joining either or both groups, you will be welcomed and encouraged as well as exposed to some of the best speakers around (no, not me—other speakers, lol!) from firefighters to pilots to fight experts and more! I thank both groups for the opportunity for myself and co-author Loni Emmert to speak to them .***

An author friend of mine asked about a Facebook post today wherein I mentioned a  website listing  publishers seeking short stories and when we spoke, I thought perhaps I might give that information to those of you who may not be aware of these types of list sites! This post is for everyone, not just my little newbie writers out there but also for those who may not have heard of them or are not familiar with the type of sites. For those of you who are aware, avert your eyes or (please please please) add any sites you may know of that may help someone out!

I’ll start out with the biggie; if you don’t know this site get to immediately:

1.) Preditors & Editors:  P&E is pretty much mandatory in the writing world even if you never actively use it. (As of this posting P&E have announced they are being sued & are asking for defense donations but the site is free and only asks donations.) This site lists publishers, agents, magazines, organizations, submissions, festivals, music, journalism, you name it they list it. They also are open about who is legitimate (the main purpose of this site) and who is…well, iffy at best. That’s apparently the reason for the lawsuit. Check it out if nothing more than to see the legendary site for yourself! ~~~Highly recommended

2.) Duotrope: Massive listing of publishers (online & print) seeking short stories, novels, novellas, articles, etc. The registration is free (they also ask for donations) and even gives you a submission tracker for yourself and the listing ratings! They also lists “dead” markets, dark sites (dead or out of contact), new markets, PAYING markets. If you’re looking for a place for your work, Duotrope covers every genre’ imaginable! ~~~Highly recommended

3.) Ralan: This is a spec fic, sci-fi, fantasy and horror list of markets, contests, paying, (pro included). You can leave marketing or writing tips, get writing help, and even submit your market if you’re a publisher! Fourteen years on the Internet, you can get on Ralan’s email list! Definitely worth checking out if these are your genre’! ~~~Highly recommended.

4.) Poets & Writers: a non-profit magazine, all types of support for writers and as it says, poets. ~~~Highly recommended.

For the sake of time and research, I’ll leave it at these four for now. As always if anyone knows of any further sites listing markets please feel free to list in comments or email me:


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