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Okay I admit it. I’m procrastinating. Oh, it’s not really my fault; I’m speaking to a writers’ group in Las Vegas in two and a half days and I have to get ready for the road trip! Packing, loading up on goodies like chips and soda, and last minute details have to be attended to so I really can’t find time to write a little fiction right? Wrong. Most authors have stories running in their heads most of the time, regardless what chores get in the way. So, you’re really writing even when you’re not writing. Once I gave in to this mind set, amazing things started to happen: back story on my characters exploded with incredible detail and necessity for one story; new stories popped up that excited me and I can barely wait to get to them; my writing itself and my productivity increased a hundred fold! Once I let go of the nervous tension of trying to get stories out as soon as humanly possible, creativity was unleashed and flooded any and every aspect of my writing!

Yeah, I know, it’s easier said than done, but I had to share this revelation with you first because it has helped me so very much and two, perhaps it will help you in some way! That’s my hope for this blog; that what I’ve learned might help someone else. Oh and a day trip to the beach didn’t hurt either, though I did write lying on the sand and the backs of my knees got sunburned and are peeling I’m sure making an odd view from behind, lol! (Yeah, I also know sun burn is bad.) In any case, I even managed to write on the sand, something I’ve never been able to do while on the shore—too distracted by the sheer beauty and hypnotic rhythm of the waves.

That’s it. Just wanted to share that with you in the hope the movie in your head, as in mine, will play out creatively if you let it—or them. Hey it’s a lot like the PIP on TVs where you can watch multiple movies at the same time!

Have a great week and I’ll see ya’ when I get back from the City of Sin!!


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