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Recently I guest posted at and spoke about
random generators in sci fi and fantasy (and historical) world building. It
proved to be of interest to people so much so that someone asked for more world
building information! So, what I have done is create another list of world
building assists that I believe are the best out there in the InterVerse. Below
are some of my favorite helps mainly in the form of worksheets. You may or may
not be familiar with them but they can be tremendous in creating worlds and
characters to fill them! And the best part is that they are usually
self-explanatory! This is only a partial list and Part One of this series.

**The next four links are excellent for
character/civilization/food chain/planetary worksheets: Highly recommended***


As I said this is only a partial list and numerous
worksheets have popped up in the last year. In Part Two of World Building
Worksheets I will include different types of worksheets for fiction authors
including “Rescuing Your Plot” and others! Stay tuned and post
comments on what you’d like to see included in this series on Future Imperfect!



  1. I agree that Liljenberg has written one of the best tutorials on World Building I’ve seen online. It’s one of the first tutorials that really helped me with my worlds.



  2. I wanted to let you know that after stumbling across your blog, the links you provided for world building have helped me a great deal.

    I’ve always felt a bit lost with creating my worlds, but this gives me something a bit more concrete to work with, especially with a busy university schedule. I know exactly where I left off and if I forgot to add anything. Thank you so very much!


    • Part Two was posted today and there is an actual example of a character & plot written in prose paragraphs that show you how to go from worksheet to writing out your characters/plots in prose/paragraph format. It’s from Viehl’s Blade Dancer novel. It really really helped me out and I think it will also help you out as well! Thanks for reading FutureImperfect!


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