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Drones. I keep seeing them in news stories about unrest, strife, war. Usually they’re deployed to bomb something or someone or other. And I’m pretty sure that’s why the usual reaction to the word “drone” is negative if not downright frightening. Well, I’d like to show drones in a more…positive…light.  I mean, there are so many other uses for them, security not the least. Picture it: drones with camera eyes could circle property, private or public, transmitting those images to live monitors or to recording technology and protecting the property and or anything or anyone associated with it.  Then there’s my adaptation in Final Deceit: news drones used by television stations that have dispensed with the expensive (in more ways than one) and dangerous at times, news helicopters. Can you imagine how much money could be saved by television news after the initial cost of purchasing those unmanned sky eyes? No employee benefits to pay out, no liability insurance, none of that pesky stuff companies hate doling out now! (Oh, yeah I can hear some of you screaming about them replacing humans–well what the hell do you think we’re developing robots for now?) But back to that eventually cheap technology. Drones can be remotely controlled which makes them able to manuever into intricate and tricky situations and locations without danger to those same humans as well as getting invaluable information otherwise non-attainable.  They could at some point be programmed to operate independently in some facets but I get ahead of myself and my drones.

There was  an episode of “Vegas” in which some hacker type nerdish character devised and programmed tiny flying drones resembling dragonflies to flit about the casino and allow the said character to satiate his voyeuristic needs. So imagine a butterfly, hummingbird (already in development) or fly swooping and buzzing around WalMart, preventing theft or dereliction of duty!

Why you could even use them to monitor pets when you leave them for any amount of time, not to mention those vexing little kids you may own! That last part was a joke. I’m talking about the safety and comfort of your children and pets in more detail and faster (live) than the hidden cameras we now employ to watch for any abusive babysitter/nanny types.

Drones can be used almost limitlessly for emergency and rescue situations as well: miners trapped, evacuations completed or needed, as a search fleet for hikers lost on a mountaintop or in a forested or even snow laden area! They can monitor traffic (for those of us in Los Angeles), weather conditions, potentially hazardous or even entertaining events! Come on, you know you secretly wish for a camera drone inside the upcoming Royal Wedding…and just think what reality television shows could do with something like that! I shudder at the thought! Of course, I shudder at pretty much all reality television.

So there you are. Drones have gotten a sort of bad rap with their uses as of today. But as the title says, they’re not just for war anymore…


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